Carolina's... secrets

Carolina Rice is one of the favourite types of rice in Greece, as it is widely used in traditional dishes, such as soups and oven cooked food. It is ideal for gemista, cabbage rolls, dolmades and yuvarlakia, but also for pilaf that does not require draining, such as cabbage rice, spinach rice, lentil rice, yuvarlakia or gamopilafo. It is not recommended for classic risotto, because it breaks quickly during stirring since its grain is not very durable.


To prevent it from getting muddy, rinse it thoroughly in a colander it under running water before cooking to wash off the starch. Optionally, try squeezing a lemon on top and stir. In that way, rice will stay granulated.


No other rice is as perfect for stuffing, and Greek cuisine loves it. We always have it in the cupboard for delicious recipes, either new or traditional!